Tabius Tate's Story

Tabius Tate was born into a military family in 1982, in Montgomery Alabama where his father Cedric, a current veteran, and mother Athena raised him. Their family was based in Montgomery before moving to Germany, New Orleans, and then back to Alabama, due to his father's army status. Tate was known to practice and refine his rapping and singing skills throughout his early adolescent years. Early on, Tate's parents were apprehensive about his music career; it was more important to them that he be successful. Since Tate was great at playing basketball, they did not see the need for pursuing a career in music that did not promise success. Despite the possibility of failure, Tate did talent shows throughout his childhood with his most memorable show being the 9th grade talent show. In the show Tate included a line about one of his teachers that stated "Ms. Minoit I got you hot" by which he gained positive attention from many of his peers. Tate moved to Atlanta and attended  Southern Tech on a full scholarship for basketball. While in college, Tate focused on music and ball, however his love for music distracted his academic success and he was forced to dropout. After tragically sitting with his grandmother, Elouis Flowers, as she died holding his hand, Tate vowed to make it in the industry. Tate says that his grandmother always told him that she "knew he'd make it." Following his grandmother's death, Tate gave up professional basketball for good and was focused solely on his music career.
Tate believes he developed personally and sonically when he moved to Atlanta. He was no longer living with his parents, dwelling on being a college dropout, and suffering with the lost of his grandmother. The rapper started to look to his influences. Tate says that since looking up to Master P., [(who he calls a man that has lived "like four or five different lives" as a "business man, NBA player, father, and rapper.")] he mapped his career to be like the mogul. After the passing of his grandmother Tate started his nonprofit, which he named after his late grandmother. Tate says that his goal for his nonprofit is to "clothe and feed the homeless" and "change the world or spark the brain of a youth to evoke change in the new generation." Tate says, "love is the only thing that can change the world." Along with his nonprofit Tate runs an apparel line with the tagline "Bring Love Back". Tate's goal for the clothing line is to put a positive message into the world.
Prior to Tate garnering mainstream popularity on television show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, season seven, he attracted several record labels because of his work with HipHop TXL which he cofounded with DJ Ready Rell. With the work that was done through HipHop TXL Tate was able to gain traction in the music world, releasing singles with Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and others in addition to his first three mixtapes. In 2017, after signing with his current management, Tate met with labels and eventually received a distribution deal with Priority Records. Tate is an independent artist who wishes to remain independent, and releases all of his music through his label Tabius Tate LLC.